So, I no longer need to look for another actor to complete one of the scenes.  Thanks to Stephanie Ray, the actor she sent to me this evening is beyond awesome.  He combined two characters into one.  He was practically off book by the end of the rehearsal and he’s got his blocking and executing his beats.  So thankful for him.  Now I just need items like costumes, cut out of hands, poster board size of trailblazer names, to make scenes pop.  Actually, I have a list of things needed.  I have to pray over those items so they come to fruition.

In other news, I’ve been in training to work with a company to do live infomercials per say.  What I love is to be taught how to get people to move in a non threatening manner, the really cool PLASTIC items to make fabulous food designs, and how to add value to an inanimate object.  The trainer is just fabulous, in that he is super patient, poised, and well put together.  What I DON’T like is the possibility to have to travel almost an hour to presentations in stores.  For instance today, I learned I have to travel to Jefferson, GA.  Where da hayle is that?  I’m from Georgia, lived in Atlanta for a while, and never have I heard of a town in GA with the namesake of that popular TV show with George and Weezy.  Well it’s on the same plane as Athens, GA.  Also, I have the option to either go to the 9-3 or 3-9 shift, which is cool, but I’m supposed to be there 30 mins prior to the start time, and did I mention Atlanta traffic is horrific!  The source of my complaint is the lack of gas money needed to get there and back.  Argh!  If I had the money, I would have to complain.  But if I had money, I wouldn’t consider traveling to a place like Jefferson, GA.  And if I had money, (just going on a tangent here), I would so pay a licensed cosmetologist to take care of my hair!  I thank God my all of my hair, and I am eager to see financial increase come into my life so someone else can take care of it for me.  Since I am the face of my business, I must look excellent at all times!  I digress; I need to get back on task.  I’m sleepy but still up trying to do work.