I’m happy to say the “50th Anniversary Legends and Leaders Black Tie Celebration” went great!  I didn’t have the technical problems in the actual show that I had in run throughs.  Thank Goodness!  The only thing I wished could have happened was playing the credits at the beginning of the presentation.  I didn’t clearly communicate to one of the actors to begin.  But it’s okay as I held my logo for a much longer time on the projector screen to not distract from the scene.  The actors looked AMAZING thanks to Shilla Benning.  She is wonderful.  She came hours before the start of the program and was able to get their costumes together.  Awesome!  Candace Sargent worked on recreating the “Regal 20” sweaters and Melissa Foulger helped, even in her ball gown.  I also have to menion Billy Konkel and Alexander, in the sound booth and the stage tech respectively, as they helped tremendously.  A production is a group effort and I will make mention of every name connected to its success as often as I can.

In the commemorative program, my logo is placed in the “Pioneer Sponsorship Level” (the highest level), next to BP, and InSpire Magazine.  That’s good.  My brand is recognizable (at least to those who attended the event).  The ad that Yolande Thame created was also placed in the program and it is absolutely fabulous!  I’m told it will also be placed in Inspire Magazine.  Also, I have received press as Rolling Out Magazine wrote about the event and included my contribution.  http://rollingout.com/news-politics/community/georgia-techs-first-black-graduates-celebrate-legends-and-leaders-and-50-years-since-school-integration/

I sincerely hope more opportunities arise from this event.  I’m ready for more projects!