Today is Thanksgiving and I’m grateful.  I have clean water and I had a peaceful night’s rest.  I was able to wake up this morning, dress myself, and cook.  I have healthy and active parents, gifted siblings, loving family members, and committed friends.  I say this because I know sometimes I don’t consider the “little things” when I’m caught up in what I wish I could have or annoyed by those things not going the way I want.  I know I have a way to go and become frustrated that I’m not there yet, but right now, I must express my gratitude.

On another note, I’ve begun looking for venues to host the world premier of “From Ophelia to Omega”.  There’s a venue I visited in Midtown and the space is gorgeous!  The main issue I have is that the stage is very small and there’s no back stage.  But once I rent the space, I control the ticket prices.  No sharing a percentage of the sales of my tickets with this particular venue.  I would also like to have food available for patrons, but I can only use their vendors.  As I consider the brand of my company, I cannot cheapen it by holding events in some ratchet space.  I ask myself “Would Gucci hold an event here?”  If I hesitate too long, I must move on.  So Dream of Dréa must raise the necessary funds to make the event worthy.  2012 already looking great!