Very happy to say my screenplay From Ophelia to Omega has been registered under Writers  Guild of America.  I now need to print out at least 3 copies and bind them.  One goes to a contact of Darton College (Albany, GA) Theatre Department who has informed me that March 17th would be available to have a reading in their theatre that seats 420.  I might also be able to collaborate with Albany State University’s students in their theatre program.  I’m eager to hear the story and to share it with those in attendance.  The second goes to my tentative Directory of Photography as he has expressed a strong interest in filling that role.  I’ve seen his work and I believe he would be perfect.  The third copy will be on stand by for me.  After the reading, I’ll have a better idea if there are changes that need to be made and register under Library of Congress. Note: WGA registration lasts only 5 years.  I also need to have some art prepared for the film’s poster or any other press releases.  In need of supplies like:

  • 110 lb cardstock
  • 3 hole punch paper
  • brass fasteners
  • washers for fasteners
  • mallet
  • a really good printer
I’m so excited!  There’s something about Spring that really increases my creative thoughts.