So I had an audition my agent sent me on earlier this week.  When I arrived, there to sewere 3 actors seated and an assistant checking in actors.  I took a seat and looked at my sides one more time.  Then…I had to suppress an urge to throw my shoe in her direction.  You know, that one particular person getting on your last nerve!  I now present my list of ways to annoy me during an audition; all based off of one particular actor:

1) Being disrespectful of the space with actors wanting quiet time by running your mouth about your personal affairs.

2) Creating silly debates in an effort to engage other actors to talk to you.

3) After leaving your audition, do not reenter the space where actors are prepping and say “I hope ya’ll do well…but not too well to do better than me”.  To do any of the above mentioned statements,  you deserve to be karate chopped in the throat. 

Next time, shut the hell up!  And take your sideline conversation with cha!