Today was one of those days that the world would get a kick out of the happenings in my life if a camera were on my person.  

Early morning: fixing a business account error.  I was overcharge on one and bank fees were unnecessarily applied to the other.  Too much time used on that!

Late morning: Prepped for an “opportunity booking” for Army Wives.  Hair looked a messed so had to quickly get it together.

Early afternoon: I was late for my time slot due to getting my hair together.  UGH!  So I worked on the scene til it was my time to be on camera.  I did what I set out to do on at least one take.  The agents were impressed.  Of course being impressed doesn’t always equal being booked.  And I hope I’m booked because that was a really good scene.

Later afternoon: Event to meet the founders of the Gilt Groupe.  Again I was late.  I was so late that I missed them speak altogether!  But I got a chance to get some on the wonderful food.  Oh, and there’s another chance I had…to see someone I use to date (for a lack of a better word) with a young lady.  Something about seeing them really rubbed me the wrong way.  I mean really.  And she was pretty.  Of course he said they weren’t together, but the look in her eyes when he finally introduced us was “Bi— if you look any way seductively to him, I’ll cut you”…of course with a flashy smile.  They left, thank goodness, and I walked back to my car.  Well at least I got free parking 🙂