It’s been a while since I’ve created a post.  Since 2012.  I don’t know why I’ve allowed so much time to pass and not write out loud, as this is cathartic for me.

Some things have changed, while some, sigh, have stayed unfortunately stagnant.  Let’s speak on progression first, professionally. I’ve had more work opportunities for Dream of Dréa.  1) I am a board member for ATL Web Fest.  2) I’ve served as a judge, theatre respondent, and workshop presenter for the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (and once an artist has been vetted, the artist will always be able to work).  3) In an effort to have a division dedicated to tax brokerage, I’ve gained credentials to legally prepare taxes.  Tangent point inserted here. I’ve read about a company, the only one in the state of GA with this service, that is a liaison between production companies and taxpayers with high state liabilities. When a production company receives a tax credit for producing work in GA, unless there is a liability, it’s useless to the company. However, the credit can be sold through a brokerage firm to an individual taxpayer.  I was so intrigued about the process that I went through an 80 hr course to get better understanding (and desire more understanding). For some reason, when I read about the process, I was reminded of how folks I grew up with would trade their food stamps (the paper kind) for cash, but not for equal value.  Sounds like the same thing to me, but legal. End tangent. 4) I’ve had more consulting work. I’m so happy I have instituted a “Talk to Dréa fee” to get info from me. I would freely give information away years ago, not knowing my worth.  No more of that.  5) Performing. Sigh. So this is an area that has progressed at a glacial’s pace. Finally saw the work I did for Smucker’s. Did a recording for Atlanta Theatre Festival.  I so hope that play is produced; definitely ready to work more on that character…especially as the story revolves around her and her mental health.  Seriously, that play is some kind of awesome.  I’ve had more modeling requests; though I’m not a model, I’ve accepted a few. Again this area is moving, but geesh, not fast enough.  And this is a transition point to that which is stagnant.

Dependable financial means. Lack of. Oh how depressing it is to think about this. *Honest note: I had to step away from writing for at least 10 mins because I was sickened at the thought of my true financial state* I’m disgusted with myself for missing several weddings, baby showers, and other major life events of my friends for my inability to produce worthwhile financial substance. Me. The precocious girl who began legally working at 15 bagging groceries for customers at Winn Dixie.  Me, who once picked up pecans as a 12 year old, weighed the bags, and had money to buy Christmas present, has yet to have consistent money. Okay. I must transition out of this thought as depression is creeping in.  Heavily.  Something positive needs to happen to get me on the right track.  Wait, something positive has happened. But in a personal area. I met a man…

So I was set to produce a project. That didn’t work out, but someone who expressed an interest in working next to me soon expressed an interest in getting to know me. More than a friend. Geez, I get butterflies when I think of him. It’s still early at this time; don’t want to jinx it. But I will say this: having a friend, who has masculine energy, attractive, fun to hang out with (seriously, this man is so much fun), and can hug me in a way that no other person can hug me to the point my stress evaporates, is medicinal.  I hope he sticks around for a spell.